Keep My Story™ started when Cynthia Lett video taped her parents who were then in their 80’s for the benefit of their grandson who was then 3 years old.  She wanted to make sure that he got to know who they were as people in their own voice and being able to see them talk about themselves.  When he was 18, she showed him the video and through his tears he said, “I am so happy to be able to see them again and to hear their voices.”  It was the most meaningful gift he had ever gotten, he said.

If having a video accounting of his grandparents’ lives in their own voice was so important to him, Cynthia believed that it was important to share this opportunity with others.  How many of us have said after a relative have passed away that we wish we had a video of them telling their stories and talking about their life to see again and to share with our children and grandchildren?  Having such a video would have kept them closer and made them more real to their future generations.