Example Questions

These are just a few of our 100+ questions we ask during your video session!

#1  –  Where were you born?

#2  –  What are your parent’s names?

#3  –  Was your parent’s relationship a strong one?

#10  –  Do you have siblings?

#13  –  Tell me what you liked the most about the house you grew up in.

#21  –  Other than family, who were the most important people in your life when you were young?

#31  –  Tell me about your first serious romance.

#37  –  What did you plan to be when you grew up?

#46  –  Who is your favorite author?

#58  –  When did you decide to have children?

#66  –  What are the secrets to a good relationship or marriage?

#74  –  What have you always regretted not asking your parents?

#81  –  Who makes you laugh the hardest?

#88  –  What are five things you couldn’t live without?

#91  –  What is the scariest thing that has happened to you?

#95  –  What was the hardest decision of your life?

#100  –  What would you consider to be the most important world events during your lifetime?

#105  –  What do you hope to be remembered for?